Whether it’s breakfast time, lunch time, coffee time or tea time, Kimble’s Café offers a range of freshly prepared foods suitable for every palate and every pocket.

Amongst our favourite dishes are the Eggs Benedict, the Speciality Sandwich with Brie & Chilli Jam, and our homemade Macaroni Cheese with Smoked Bacon and topped with crispy panko breadcrumbs.

Afternoon Tea, served from midday is always a popular choice.

An ever expanding range of Kimble’s Cupcakes is baked daily in our kitchen. Look out for the Sticky Gingerbread ones, which are fast becoming firm favourites. We also do a range of gluten free cakes too.


Every space on the deli shelves is taken up. Ahmad tea jostles for position with Kimble’s chilli jam, which in turn presses up against the balsamic glaze; it’s a case of “only the strongest survives”! The eclectic mix, (everything from Magnum Whisky Cream Liquor to Rose Water for baking), ensures there is something for everyone.

A range of quality olives are also available as well as freshly prepared sandwiches to take away.

We also have a selection of wines, champagne, and prosecco for those special occasions.

Bespoke hampers are available.

Under 12's